There are many reasons why your hot water heater may not be performing as it should or as it used to. Sediment is the top reason why so many homeowners in Panama City, FL, need to arrange water heater repair. If left unchecked, sediment can cause a variety of problems. While all water heaters can suffer from too much sediment, with the correct care and maintenance in place, they don’t have to. If you have a water heater sediment problem, it’s not hard to notice the signs.

Top Signs That Your Water Heater Has Sediment Buildup

  • Your heater seems to run out of hot water quicker than usual. Sediment builds up as a form of sludge in the bottom of the water heater which leaves less room for hot water. This means you’ll run out of hot water mid-shower when that might never have been the case before.
  • There seems to be a bad odor in the water. As sediment ages, it breeds bacteria which can start to smell bad.
  • The water tank is making funny banging and gurgling noises. This happens when the water overheats and the contents start to boil. The sediment is what is making the noise inside the tank.

The only way to ensure that your water heater doesn’t suffer the negative impact of sediment buildup is to follow a regular and strategic maintenance plan. The water heater should be drained each year to ensure that there’s no chance for sediment to build up. You can trust your maintenance tasks to a professional water heater repair company.

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