Hot Water is a subsidiary of Jimmy Lumley Plumbing Inc. We have served Bay County, South Walton County, and Gulf County in Northwest Florida since 1979.  

Jimmy Lumley Plumbing Inc. is a full service plumbing company serving the plumbing needs of residential and commercial interest in Panama City and surrounding areas.

Why specialize in Hot Water?

We created “Hot Water” to serve the specialized needs of hot water heater service and installation for our clients. We realize most plumbing companies offer water heater installation and repair as a sideline.  This was true with Jimmy Lumley Plumbing Inc. as well.

Prices for water heater installation and repair have skyrocketed in recent years. We found that if we “specialize” in this service we could provide water heater repair and installation at a more reasonable rate. By specializing, our overhead is lower and our trucks can carry a complete line of water heater supplies. We can also offer a quicker response time.

Our Water Heater technicians are Journeymen Plumbers with years of experience in the trade and are trained at the Rheem Factory School. We offer all of the products in the Rheem family of Water Heaters, from the standard Rheem tank type heater to the Hybrid and the Marathon heater with a lifetime warranty. We also install and service the popular Rheem Tankless.

We service all brands of Water Heaters, both Tank and Tankless.

We have a Service Technician on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year for that late night Water Heater leak. (We believe everyone should spend time with family on Christmas day).

Don’t take a cold shower. Call “Hot Water” today.