One of the questions we are often asked when handling water heater repair jobs is what the pressure relief valve is for and how to know when it’s acting up. All water heaters in Panama City have pressure relief valves. They are designed to act as safety devices that relieve pressure from the heater when the temperature or pressure within the heater increases. When water is heated, it expands. So, the heater’s thermostat is important as it will stop the heater from heating when it’s at the right temperature. If the thermostat stops working or malfunctions, the heater won’t know when to stop heating and this could eventually result in an explosion. The pressure relief valve is there to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

If your water heater pressure relief valve suddenly stops functioning properly, you could find yourself faced with a water heater emergency. Below are two scenarios where your relief valve can be giving you fair warning of problems:

  1. Water is leaking out of the drain line of the valve. This usually happens when there is too much pressure within the tank. This could also mean that the regulator valve is faulty.
  2. The relief valve releases large amounts of water sporadically. Excessive high temperatures can cause the relief valve to open and release water. In this case, replace the relief valve.

There are a few simple checks to ensure that your pressure relief valve is functioning correctly. These include:

  • Check the drain line. It should be warm near the valve but not hot. If it is hot, it is leaking.
  • Lift the valve’s test lever and listen for water released through the drain line. If this happens, it’s in good working order. If it doesn’t happen, it is time to replace the valve.

Professional Water Heater Repairs in Panama City

If you want to ensure that your relieve valve never lets you down, make sure to check it at least once or twice a year. Alternatively, turn to Hot Water Now for help. We service and repair water heaters in Panama City. Contact us for further assistance today.