Just about every day, someone in Panama City will experience a water heater failure. Whether it’s an electric, a gas or a tankless water heater, these systems experience breakdowns and many of these failures can be attributed to mistakes that were made during the installation. Here are a few installation tips to make sure that you don’t have a hazard in your home:

  • Check the valve

It is critical to have one control line going into and out of the hot water heater. The valve should be on the cold-water line only.

  • Use a dielectric union to attach the copper lines to the heater

It is highly recommended that a dielectric union be used where the copper lines attach to the hot water heating system. When you connect two dissimilar metals together, such as copper and iron, and water is present, this could lead to corrosion and eventually lead to a leak. Dielectric unions prevent this type of corrosion by separating the two materials with a rubber washer behind the nut. An extra benefit to installing this fitting is that it allows you to disconnect the water lines from the water heater in less than 15 seconds.

  • Pay attention to the vent pipe on gas water heaters

If you have a gas water heater, then you should pay attention to the vent pipe. It is very important that your hot water heating contractors size the vent pipe correctly to the vent hood. If this is sized incorrectly, it could lead to a buildup of exhaust fumes in your home.

Whether you need water heater maintenance, repair or installation, your best bet is to outsource the job to the pros. Contact Hot Water for water heater services near you today.